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A cleanser with stem cells and wheat proteins with reparative properties that gently cleanses while infusing body, volume, and structure to weak, fine hair. Suitable for frequent washing.

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Without silicons
Phosphate free
Cruelty free
Paraben free
Phthalates free
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Gently cleanses, infusing body, volume and structure into fine, damaged and low volume hair. Also suitable for frequent washing.


Thin and weak hair


Thick and vigorous hair



Two types of "VEGETABLE STEM CELLS" generate a positiveeffect on the proliferative activity of cells, with evident signs ofreversibility of aging phenomena, positively influencing vitality andresistance. Self-regeneration slows down aging and hair loss.


  • VITAMIN B5: essential for biochemical reactions in human tissues.
  • PANTHENOL: moisturising, stimulating cell proliferation, repairing and soothing.
  • BIOTIN: keeps hair healthy and controls rebellious hair strands. Its deficiency can cause flaking.
  • POLYMERS: specific for hair treatment and for the preparation and maintenance of styling.

Rich with stem cells and wheat proteins for a repairing action, gently cleanses infusing body, volume and structure to fine, damaged and not very voluminous hair. Also suitable for frequent washing.

  1. Apply the required amount of product by massaging gently until a creamy foam is obtained
  2. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse. If necessary, repeat the application.