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Passion, Performance, Ethics

Experience the epitome of luxury hair care, curated by none other than Danny Jelaca.  Renowned for his exceptional artistic and entrepreneurial prowess, Danny embarked on a global quest to discover a product line that truly encapsulates his philosophy.

At a Miami fashion show, Danny crossed paths with Riccardo Brisinello, the founder of organic Ceutical and a renowned Italian hair stylist.  Their encounter sparked an instant synergy, driven by mutual enthusiasm.  Jelaca became intertwined with the Organic Ceutical Project, Sharing the vision to provide beauty, science, and performance to health-conscious, environmentally aware clients who opt for sustainable products.

The RM project's laboratories bring to life the Organic Ceutical line, crafted with the intention of reflecting the values of a conscientious and contemporary individual. Our focus is on safeguarding consumer health and the environment, with ethics at the core of our mission. We prioritize results, all while maintaining a strong commitment to personal well-being and eco-sustainability.

ORGANIC CEUTICAL products, being cosmeceuticals, represent the progress of common trichological products. They perform in a scientific and innovative way to the needs of the hair and are formulated with carefully, selected and controlled ingredients, which, pure or in high percentages, offer the highest quality and professional performance.

Organic Ceutical is