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Pure Ker 150 ML

This product uses pure keratin to repair and reconstruct the hair by filling and balancing the porosity and any damage. It uses a unique formula insoluble in water with long chain amino acids between 65-95 percent, along with various vitamins and trace elements to smooth and regenerate the hair shaft.

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Phosphate free
Phthalates free
Paraben free
Cruelty free
Without silicons
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Through the pure keratin present inside it carries out a reconstruction action by filling the capillary breakage holes. Smoothes and regenerates the hair shaft.


Destroyed hair with
open cuticles

During Treatment

The keratin molecules
cover the hair stem and and


Reconstructed hair



  • MINT EXTRACTS: antiseptic stimulant
  • LAVENDER EXTRACTS: provides tones


  • KERATIN: protects, nourishes, restructures and strengthens the hair. Immediate visible improvements in the structure and surface of the hair itself.

Through the pure keratin inside it performs a reconstructive action by filling the hair breakage holes. It smoothes and regenerates the hair shaft.

Apply thoroughly af ter shampooing on 60% dry hair. Distribute form 4 to 6 sprays for 2cm strands, massage from roots, lengths and more scrupulously on the ends. Once distributed, keep on for 10/15 minutes under a heat source. Before rinsing apply PH Fix, leave on for 3/5 minutes and proceed with a gentle rinse. This product could also be sprayed on the hair at a distance of 25 cm, before styling.

    Water, propylene glycol, keratin, mentha piperita oil, lavandula angustifolia oil, linalool, potassium sorbate.