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Introducing the Peel Scrub, a powerhouse of exfoliant that enhances natural skin shedding and revitalizes the scalp’s look.  This remarkable formula leverages the benefits of three hydroxyacids--glycolic, maglc, and citric—with enzymatic qualities.  Complementing these are jojoba microspheres, providing a gentle mechanical peel for both hair and scalp well-being.  This unique blend helps eliminate surplus of sebum and dandruff while the inclusion of ansonia inermis contributes astringent,  antifungal, antiseptic, and disinfectant attributes. Indeed, the peel scrub also serves as an exceptional facial exfoliant.  Its remarkable blend of ingredients, including hydrooxyacids and jojoba microspheres, offers the same benefits of promoting natural exfoliation and enhancing the skin’s appearance on the face, just as it does for the scalp.
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